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Monday, August 7, 2017


Read the post below this one as it is all my brain thoughts and what not. Two other quick things. Cynthia is pregnant. If you didn't know that, read her blog. It is listed to the right of these blogs under blogs I follow.

Secondly; Im getting my tonsils removed. AHHH. Why am I agreeing to this?
The reality is, my parents should have gotten them taken out when I was like 10. Strep throats ever year are getting old. Heard it is 14 days of HELL, but here we go.

Can you see that big white 6mm thing in the back of my mouth on my tonsils? and the smaller one above it starting to form? Yeah these are gross "tonsil stones" that have had skin form over them because they want to stay in my mouth forever. Good bye stones, good bye tonsils. Coming out a few days after we get back from Lindsay & Dan's wedding in September.

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