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Saturday, February 10, 2018

100 days of school

 Half of Ryan's class was out sick with the flu
GG sent her famous Valentine's Day cookies, made for some happy boys


We seem to go in waves of upgrades to the house. STILL working on taking the house from 1996 to 2018.

We had originally painted the nude wood cabinets white in the laundry room. I do not recommend the "Cabinet Kit" from home depot. We wiped down cabinets, taped, did multiple coats of paint and have been unhappy with the results for the last 2-ish years of living with the white cabinets. The paint quality was just garbage. Knowing that the kitchen cabinets are being painted in March I thought it would be a good idea to test out the grey paint color I was thinking for the kitchen island by painting the laundry room cabinets that test color.
Sherwin Williams Dorian Grey for the cabinets, walls are repose grey in the kitchen


Chandelier 1 of 2
 I painted the wood trim around the ceiling inlay white, it has been raw wood and was I think the final piece of trim I had left to paint in the house (yay, happy dance)

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Belive, by Connor Moorman

You may or may not know that Connor wants to be a song written when he grows up. Originally it was all for the idea of making it rich. He has though over the years written a few good ones.

He has been working really hard 7 days a week at his advanced math program, Kumon. Last night he said that he had come up with a song that he sings to himself when he gets frustrated at Kumon. I asked him to write it down for me and here is what I got. I might have gotten a little teary eyed.

*PS he would be mortified if he knew I shared this.


I believe I believe
I believe in you
I believe you can do it 
Believe you can do it
Don't be sad
Don't be mad
Just believe
You can do it

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Today in the bath instead of relaxing and enjoying the 5 minutes to myself this was my thought pattern;
Monday: Kumon (connor's advanced math tutoring), Homework, Practice Piano
Tuesday: Kumon homework, school homework, Practice Piano
Wednesday: Kumon, Piano, Homework
Thursday: Kumon homework, Piano, Homework
Friday: Kumon homework, Piano (drive to the mountains for ski weekend)
Saturday: Basketball, Kumon, Piano

Ahhh we are too busy! Good thing I have a day planner. Ahhh this our "down season" when soccer starts up (in march) we will have soccer 4 days a week for Connor on top of Piano, Teniss & Kumon. Ryan will have tennis 2 days a week.

I think I'm running all these things in my head as "too much" from the mere fact that we had a wonderfully lazy and family oriented 3 week off over Christmas time. The lack of hustle and bustle is THE BEST!

 We got to hang with Sawyer for a whole week!
 Heather's wrapping job was AMAZING! Goals for next year!
 We got a quick day trip to Cleveland in (Emma Clare is running away from me in this picture) Aunt Kerry got the boys "boy journals that lock" that was a huge hit!
 Let's fly home. **On our flight out Ray & I got upgraded to first class with 98 Degrees singer Justin Jeffe
 Christmas Eve picture (thanks to the tripod) 
 Ryan's hair is going through an awkward phase as we grow out a bad haircut
Connor with his first love. These two are getting so old. Look at Izzy rocking a chocker, lol!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Piano With Connor

ConnorRita has been filling the house with holiday music this season. 

Christmas Time

Yay it is almost Christmas! Both boys had Holiday class parties this week, we had our big white elephant party a few weeks ago, our holiday lights outside are THE BOMB.COM, Christmas Jammies for the boys have been purchased, Christmas Cards went out and we are READY to fly out to Ohio on Christmas Eve to see baby Sawyer and drive up to Cleveland to see Jordan and Emma Clare.

 Ryan making a gingerbread house
 Made the nativity scene because it was 68 degrees out and I wanted to stain a piece of wood in the sun
 took two girlfriends to see Bad Mom's Christmas while the kids were at school
 Easy and cheap little gifts for school staff
Sawyer all set for Christmas

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sawyer John

My adorable newest nephew was born on November 28th, 2017. The night before he was born I read his parents, Travis & Cynthia this delightful and festive rendition of twas the night before Christmas that I had written.

Twas the Night Before Sawyer

The onesies were hung in the nursery with care
In hopes that Baby Clark would soon be there
Ezra was nestled warm in her bed
While visions of night feedings danced in Cindy’s head

And Cindy in her nursing top 
and Trav in his Apres Cap,
Had just settled their thoughts for a quick nap

When down in Cind’s lap their was a loud splash
Trav asked what that was, then took out the trash
What to their wondering eyes should appear, 
but a pile of water and a look of fear

I knew in a moment Baby Clark was to be born
Contractions had started and to Trav she had sworn

More rapid than Braxton Hicks they came, 
and Trav shouted out the list of 3 names;

Bartholomew, Sawyer, or Hudson

To the top of the parking garage,
to the top of the hospital floor
Dash Cindy up 
Dash Cindy up
3 pushes more

As the baby crowned and came rather quick
Cindy was happy the epidural she did pick

With the nurse’s arms full with the Baby
I heard in the hall 
the cheering of Grandparents and many a phone call

As Cindy drew her head down to look at her Boy
her mind and her heart were over come with joy
he was dressed in a swaddle
from his head to his toe
and his clothes were only a blanket no girly bow

His eyes how they twinkled, his dimples so cute
his cheeks were all rosey, his mouth it did root
His drool-ey little mouth was drawn up like a bow
His chin covered in spit up as white as snow
Baby Clark spoke not a word, but went straight to work
And filled his little belly, then turned with a jerk
Then laying his finger on his Mom’s boob
they circumcised him and added some lube

He sprang to his incubator, to the medical team gave a toot
then away the team flew, Aunt Heather had given them the boot
I heard the Doctor exclaim as he walked out of sight,

Don’t worry Travis I sewed her up tight!

Ray & I travel back to Ohio for a quick 24 hrs for a work holiday party, but in reality mostly to meet the newest Clark!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Future Self

Today for school you had to "dress as your future self" and do a little presentation on what you will be when you grow up. If you know me at all then you probably know that all our feel good memories come from the summer at the lake. No surprise to anyone Ryan wants to be a fishing guide when he grows up.

Friday, November 17, 2017

9 years

I can't believe I've been doing this blog for 9 years! My memory has never been very good so it is so fun to look back and actually have some facts on a few things. Cynthia (Travis' wife) is 37w6d today! My water broke when I was that day and we had Con at 38W weighing in at 6lbs 2oz, so I'm excited for Cynthia to have made it farther than I did, and hopefully with a bigger baby!

Did you see on snapchat that I posted we are adding an addition to our family? Not the adopted or fostered child that I have been relentlessly asking Ray for for the last 5 years, but a PUPPY none the less. A poodle and a sheep dog are going to make us a baby; a Sheepa-doodle I believe is what they call it. Ray has been wanting a BIG dog for his mountain man ways and I finally caved in a moment of weakness. Big poop, big appetite and big energy are all I keep envisioning. Pup will be here probably when we get back from summering in Okoboji.

 Fall travel soccer ended on Saturday
 Winter indoor soccer started on Tuesday. Mama needs a break man! Connor is doing an advanced math class 2 days a week, piano one day a week and indoor soccer one day a week. Aka I am in the carpool lane ALL THE TIME
 We started a new novel, we are hoping it takes us until Christmas week to finish. Holes. We plan to end with the movie (which the kids don't know exists, so don't ruin it)
 Chopped my hair off
 Hopefully our puppy is as adorable and irresistible as this Sheepadoodle
I had an empty frame that was begging for art work. Ryan accommodated. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

My two front teeth

Ryan lost his second tooth last night.

He wiggled it out while watching TV. He asked me that night while putting it under his pillow if the tooth fairy was real. I just couldn't bring myself to say No. He is my baby and I need him to still believe.