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Sunday, August 20, 2017

All Systems Go

We are running at 100% these days. School is going, soccer is going, Ray is traveling; this all means we are back in the rhythm of our daily routines.

Ry guy had the CUTEST little birthday party to date in his 6 years of living. We had his class come over, get to know each other, bounce in a bounce house and eat cupcakes. All the little siblings couldn't get enough of the two story tree house, which frankly was freaking me out!

 Ryan is doing morning Kindergarten and his teacher is exactly what you think of when you think of a  sweet Kindergarten teacher. He is LOVING it! Small class size, 17; (only 7 boys). He has found a girl named Bridget who likes to fish and hunt. He said he is considering marrying her, but he propossed to his current girl friend over a year ago at church so the dilemma for him is REAL.

Ryan lost his first tooth this weekend. Tooth Fairy gave him $5. He took that and his birthday money and went to Cabella's to buy a drone.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Read the post below this one as it is all my brain thoughts and what not. Two other quick things. Cynthia is pregnant. If you didn't know that, read her blog. It is listed to the right of these blogs under blogs I follow.

Secondly; Im getting my tonsils removed. AHHH. Why am I agreeing to this?
The reality is, my parents should have gotten them taken out when I was like 10. Strep throats ever year are getting old. Heard it is 14 days of HELL, but here we go.

Can you see that big white 6mm thing in the back of my mouth on my tonsils? and the smaller one above it starting to form? Yeah these are gross "tonsil stones" that have had skin form over them because they want to stay in my mouth forever. Good bye stones, good bye tonsils. Coming out a few days after we get back from Lindsay & Dan's wedding in September.

Boy Mom

Being a Boy Mom mostly means digging for worms, buying 10 gallon tanks to house toads from the pond in, telling fart jokes and wresting. Not a lot of "talk to me about how you are feeling" moments. Which for the most part I love! I hear stories from friends about how emotional girls are and how many times a day their daughter cries. I am happy I don't have "girl drama" but in these last few days leading up to the start of Ryan's first day of big kid school all I am is feelings and emotions. He will be an extremely old Kindergartener, turning 6 on his very first day of school. I know he mentally and emotionally is ready for school. It is me who is not ready for him to go.

Ryan is my tender hearted child. He is very literal, which means he is an extreme rule follower. If someone does the wrong thing he tells me. He is always stopping his play to run over and give me a hug or whisper an "I love you" in my ear. Ryan is a great listener, shopping companion, assistant chef, navigator, explorer and buddy. I'm going to miss our days together little dude.

Ryan; I hope that school enhances your compassion towards others, shows others your big heart and builds your confidents to take you far in your life journey!

What it all boils down to is this is a great next step for Ryan and I have to tell myself that it is great for me to. In reality what I see is him walking down the aisle with a super model and moving far away and never calling his dear old Mom again.  I know I know, I'm getting ahead of myself right? Kindergarten isn't high school, or moving off to college so it definitely isn't his wedding day right? My rational side knows this but my irrational brain can't see this. When the kissing hand or whatever that emotional good bye book was that Ms. Lee read on the first day of Connor's day and then showed the parents the door and said to get out of there Connor was reaching for a pencil and ready to conquer the world, no looking back. I'm sure Ryan will be the same way. By the first day of 1st Grade, Connor wouldn't even let me take a picture of him outside the school the first day. He also insisted that I wait in the car and not walk him down the sidewalk and across the street any more. He doesn't need me, I'm forgotten. Those snuggely days on the couch are about to end Mama. So I have to buck up right? My life as a MOP (mother of preschooler) is over.

I did start this spring a "tennis league" with a bunch of Mom's. We are now about to start a "golf league" this fall. I have to refigure out things I like to do that don't involve sidewalk chalk or science experiments. I can now listen to PodCasts and read steamy romance novels again. I'll have time to go to yoga and reconnect with old friends at coffee shops. I know these are all good things and will nourish my soul that has been depleted for the last 8 years while I was in the bottom of the pits raising two rambunctious boys. I know all this is good, its just hard when you have had one identity so long to start over in this new identity.
Ryan at soccer camp this week
Ryan pouting about me not letting him take a HUGE frog home from under a friends trampoline
Hiking Castlewood Canyon with Grandma & Grandpa this past weekend
The one who keeps me as sane as he can

Friday, August 4, 2017

End of Summer

Summer is almost over, I really can't believe it. I think it was the best summer yet. I am beyond grateful that I get to stay home with the boys and literally watch them grow before my eyes.

Today I went than ENT to look at a growth in my throat. Back in April I saw this thing growing on my tonsils. The little clinic told me "not to worry about it" then an ER Dr friend also said don't worry about it. So, I ignored it and frankly forgot about it. Then last week my throat was hurting so I got out a mirror and was shocked to see that "thing" was still there and had gotten much larger. It is a 6mm tonsil stone. Now a new one is growing behind it and because I ignored it for so long my body has grown skin around it and surgery is the only way to get rid of them. The ENT suggested that sense I need surgery to get those nasty things out I might as well get my tonsils out too. DANG IT. Not looking forward of two weeks of misery and weigh loss. My surgery is scheduled for September 26th.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Growing like weeds

Last night we had the boys weigh in. Connor was at 53lbs and Ryan 40lbs.
 Connor has golf camp this week, he is killing it! Chipped in a putt yesterday.
Who are these big kids? Connor was giving a little 2 inch sunflower on the last day of school, it is now taller than him. We are hoping it will bud to attract bees to the pumpkins to pollinate them.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Okoboji 2017

Another summer at the lake! This was my first time going in June. Honestly I was pretty worried that it was going to be horrible weather. We went so early as my Mom & Dad both had their 45th High School Class Reunions this month so they could go back and forth from the lake house to reunions.

The weather over all was good! It as nice not having to beg GLo to turn the AC on! Many first(s): first family golf trip in Okoboji (Connor did awesome), Connor was finally tall enough to ride "the legend" roller coaster at Arnolds Park. He loved it, did it 6 times that day. Ryan learned to ride his two wheeler. We all knew he could, he was just lacking confidence. The difference between C & R is that Ryan can't figure out how to slow down and STOP. So we have to run along side so that when he wants off we can rescue him. Oh goodness!

I'd say it was our best fishing year to day.

 Cousins are getting so big! Aiden, Connor, Logan, Ryan & Eli
Cynthia's baby bump popped out just in time for Boji
Celebrated 11 years married to this hunk!
Mom stayed in the boat, I'm not crazy
The house was in tip top shape and the flowers all looked marvelous

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Great Sand Dunes

We went camping this past weekend. It was 3.5 hours south of us in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It was amazing. Picture middle of the desert meets Colorado. The camp site had pine trees and a stream. Then you would drive 1 mile from the camp site, get out of your car, carry your cooler (and dog) across the river and start hiking mountains that were 100% sand. It was a really cool experience.

Ryan found cactus and a Kangaroo Rat. The rat thing scarred me to death.
We are off to the lake for a few weeks.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ryan John

School gets out June 2nd for Connor and Ryan just had his Pre-School Graduation. Why I really pulled up the blog was to quote Ryan so I can laugh at this years from now like I just did.

He wanted to wear a robe tonight after dinner, Connor was already wearing the one and only kids one so Ryan put mine on. He stuck his hands in the pockets and said "Look Mom, this one has cup holders". Lol, he thinks like his Dad.

My heart is in a constant state of melting as I soak in my last few weeks with my pre-schooler (So not ready for him to go to big kid school).

Thursday, April 27, 2017

More Updates

They are never ending at this point!
Spray painted the door bell after I couldn't find one that was black.
The guest room was the last of the gold fixtures to go!

Monday, April 17, 2017

He has Risen

I was asking Ryan a few days ago what he wants the Easter Bunny to bring him. He said, "Mom it isn't about candy, it is about Jesus". You are so right Buddy!

Grandma Pat came in town to help celebrate the holiday.

Perfect weather meant; Ray mowed for the first time this year. We hiked the bluffs, soccer games, egg hunt outside.
 Sunday Best
 Ryan & I went fishing while Ray & Connor took Grandma Pat to the airport
We live in a beautiful place